Food Packaging Art

Making a piece of art with food packaging that you can find around the house .

You will need food packaging and if you also have wrapping paper, sweet foils etc

scissors and glue

An image , I have used a photocopy of a photo, an image from a magazine, a drawing. It doesn’t have to be but I think if it is black and white it has a better contrast to the colours of your recycled bits.

So first up find some packaging. Start cutting shapes out of them to use.

Next find some images you would like to work with.

You need some card to work on so I used the card from a cereal packet and roughly cut out an area 19cm by 22cm.I have used the inside of the card to use for my base. So now I have a selection of shapes and images to think about where to place them and which ones to use.

Have fun moving your pieces around to find the image you are happiest with.

When you are happy with your choice you can start to glue your pieces down.

I found some Easter egg foil and cut little pieces out to add to my mum’s image.Also made some pencil marks on her clothes. You could add paint, crayon, pencil etc to any parts you wanted to but I have just kept it to the packaging.

Here is my final piece. What’s great is everyone’s is going to be so different . Have fun and have a lovely weekend!

Published by readysteadyglue

Hello ! I am a single mum to a whirlwind of a boy!I love crafting with and for him .My degree was Fashion Design BA at Trent Poly and I love all things design from illustrating to taps!!! I hope you join me on my journey into blogging with hopefully lots of fun craft ideas and book reviews.

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