Book recommendations

First up is The Wild Robot and The Wild Robot Escapes by Peter Brown.I LOVED the covers of these two books, I think they are simply gorgeous. The books are about a robot who gets shipwrecked on an island and has to navigate the terrain, adapt to her circumstances and find a way to communicate with the island’s inhabitants.Both my son and I thoroughly enjoyed these books and were rooting for the Robot for both books.

For younger readers is the picture book Tyrannosaurus Drip by Julia Donaldson and illustrated by David Roberts.Most of us have read The Gruffalo which is brilliant but out of all the books we have read of hers I might just prefer this one! It is about a baby dinosaur who, by accident, gets put with the wrong family. I loved that I could do two very different voices for both families which made reading it far more fun.

He is so cute!!!!

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Hello ! I am a single mum to a whirlwind of a boy!I love crafting with and for him .My degree was Fashion Design BA at Trent Poly and I love all things design from illustrating to taps!!! I hope you join me on my journey into blogging with hopefully lots of fun craft ideas and book reviews.

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