An art game

This is a very simple premise, you have to draw lots of circles and come up with as many ideas of what those circles can be.It is very good for thinking outside the box. You could make it a competition of who can come up with the most ideas. Maybe a prize for the most inventive.

These ones are quite big cut out ones.

These ones are much smaller drawn on to the paper,I used the circle inside my cello tape.

These are the first four ideas that popped into my head. Just in case no one can work out what the grey one is …….it’s the moon!!For me the one that I like the most is the plate . After you do circles you can do squares and or triangles. I would love to hear in the comments what was the most inventive idea that you drew. Have a lovely day.

Published by readysteadyglue

Hello ! I am a single mum to a whirlwind of a boy!I love crafting with and for him .My degree was Fashion Design BA at Trent Poly and I love all things design from illustrating to taps!!! I hope you join me on my journey into blogging with hopefully lots of fun craft ideas and book reviews.

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