Let’s make some noise!!!!

Actually it’s not that noisy!!! Morning Campers , it is a rubbish day outside though our plants will be happy. This is a beyond easy craft, we were shown how to make one several years ago and we then shared our knowledge as a craft on one of my son’s birthdays. Everybody loved making them and probably drove their parents crackers by the end of the day!! So let’s get started to make a Clacker.

You will need a beer bottle top, some string, a good sized bead and an elastic band.

This is all you need.
You need to cut the elastic band and thread both the string and the elastic band through the bead.
You are going to tie the elastic band at the top with the bead directly underneath.
Elastic band knot at the top
Our piece of string was about 15″ long. Tie a knot by the bead to secure it and then you want to make knots at even space the length of the string. These are what is going to make the Clacker ‘Clack’.
Here is my assistant showing you how you pull down on the string. It doesn’t matter if your two fingers are straight out or bent like this. You pull down and every time you go over the knot the bead will hit the bottle top and make a noise. So when you go down there should be one clack after another. Hope that made sense . Have fun !

Published by readysteadyglue

Hello ! I am a single mum to a whirlwind of a boy!I love crafting with and for him .My degree was Fashion Design BA at Trent Poly and I love all things design from illustrating to taps!!! I hope you join me on my journey into blogging with hopefully lots of fun craft ideas and book reviews.

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