Let’s Play

Hello!!!!! Are you……at home…..not allowed out….wanting to do something creative? What a coincidence!!!! Me too!While we are indoors I will post Monday to Friday something creative for you to do . Hope you enjoy.


My son’s school gives out Family projects once in a while and this one to make a board game was something we put a lot of effort into and still play. The one we did had to be based on something Victorian, so the game was based on a game called The victorian bicycle game. You will have all seen/ played a game like this as it’s a very simple premise. Roll the dice to get to the end but if you land on a certain place you could go back, forward etc just like snakes and ladders. Because it’s a simple style you can adapt it to any theme. As I said ours was Victorian books and so we did some research on that and added some info cards. So if there is a subject your child is interested in this is a great way of getting them to think about the info they want to research, draw, include etc. We made the moving pieces out off Fimo, but cardboard/paper pieces will work or anything else you can find.

I started this blog last year , I am not very savvy so I am afraid this is as simple as a blog can get !!! But hopefully you will find some creative things to do here and hopefully I will get better at the blog! It is aimed at children but there is no age limit to being creative and it is very good for your mental health.So hope you enjoy creating with me. Hope you are all safe x Emma

So let’s start. Here is the board game we made. I made the snake pattern and everything else my son did.Very much a collaboration.

This Board is 2 cm x 58 cm
I made all the pieces out of Fimo , clearly not a Fimo master. You can use anything you can find.
And find some dice!
Made a very simple pouch out of fabric and some ribbon to keep all the pieces.
These are our instructions which you can adapt to your own game
Info cards .I did illustration on one side.
Info on the other.
All you need to do then is play!! As I said we put quite a lot of time and effort into this project. We even read two of the books. Until we started researching it I did not realise that The Wizard of Oz was written in Victorian times.

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Hello ! I am a single mum to a whirlwind of a boy!I love crafting with and for him .My degree was Fashion Design BA at Trent Poly and I love all things design from illustrating to taps!!! I hope you join me on my journey into blogging with hopefully lots of fun craft ideas and book reviews.

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